Top 5 Songs: You’re Welcome (A Day To Remember)

You’re Welcome is the seventh album from A Day To Remember and it’s no secret the album hasn’t gone down particularly well with fans. Personally, I am mostly in agreement with the fans – who are likely long-time fans of the band – who are finding it difficult to accept the heavily pop-influenced route the band have gone down for You’re Welcome…however, that isn’t to say there are no good songs on the album! I’m not saying the best songs on the album would necessarily be anything more than fillers in most of the previous albums, BUT they’re not that bad. Below are my five favourite songs from You’re Welcome:

5. F.Y.M

F.Y.M, which stands for Fuck You Money and according to lead singer Jeremy sounds like a modern-day Tom Petty song, is a fairly easy listen and sort of falls between pop punk and slow rock. I wouldn’t go as far as to say it holds much, if any, resemblance to Tom Petty, but is overall quite inoffensive (even if the lyrics and song title are slightly questionable).

4. Everything We Need

A Day To Remember are best known for their heavier songs, but they actually have some really great acoustic-based songs too – most notably If It Means A Lot To You and I’m Already Gone. With You’re Welcome they’ve given it another stab with closing track Everything We Need. It’s a bit vanilla and doesn’t stand up to the two songs I just mentioned, but it is catchy and is definitely one of the better songs on the album.

3. Re-Entry

Re-Entry is the penultimate track on the album and is a typical pop-punk song with a bit of an ‘A Day To Remember’ twist. Jeremy’s vocals sound comfortable in Re-Entry and the chorus is one of the better choruses of the album…the stand-out part of the song for me though is the bridge. Yes, it’s a bit corny and predictable, but it’s got a nice build up!

2. Last Chance to Dance (Bad Friend)

This is undoubtedly the heaviest song on the album, and is certainly reminiscent of the Homesick/What Separates Me From You-era, but a part of me also resents this being on the album because it sticks out like a sore thumb. I get it, they wanted to remind fans that they haven’t forgotten what can now be considered their ‘roots’, but if you’re going to go down the pop route…do it properly. That being said, it’s still a great song and worth checking out!

1. Permanent

We now arrive at the best song on the album…Permanent! This song has been strangely placed near the end of the album and may unfortunately become one of the ‘forgotten’ tracks from the album! Permanent is a classic A Day To Remember song though with the perfect mix of heavy and melodic, and is the one song on the album that could actually stand up as a single on some of their other albums too! It’s by far and away the best song on the album.

I realise the tone of this article is quite critical, and while I think that is completely fair, the songs I’ve listed above are not bad songs at all. There are some other songs from You’re Welcome that I don’t mind too – Brick Wall, Resentment and Looks Like Hell (despite the verse sounding like Rihanna’s hit Umbrella) to name a few – and fair play to A Day To Remember for trying out something different. Let’s just hope it’s an album they genuinely wanted to make because it took them three years to finish it!






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    Jake Crosby

    I definitely respect this list! Looks like hell honorable mention

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