AS4S Spotify Playlist Project

A few weeks ago on the train to work I decided to put together a couple of genre-specific Spotify playlists…30 songs, 30 artists, 1 genre. It was surprisingly fun and so I decided to make a couple more…and then another few…and I now have 20 playlists!

I’ve got the bug and will definitely be making more…but seeing as I’ve reached 20 I though’t I’d share them on here. There are 16 genre-specific playlists, and 4 other playlists, including a monthly ‘mix’ which takes songs from each of the genre-specific playlists. The links to the genre-specific playlists can be found here:

  1. Modern Rock
  2. Metal
  3. Rock Classics
  4. Country
  5. Indie
  6. Folk and Acoustic
  7. Blues
  8. Hip Hop
  9. Singer Songwriter
  10. Funk/Soul/Synthpop
  11. Rock Ballads
  12. Emo
  13. Soft Rock
  14. Pop Punk
  15. R&B
  16. 90s/00s Pop

And the links to the other 4 playlists can be found here:

  1. New Music 2019
  2. Best Of 2018
  3. March Mix
  4. Discover

Over the next few weeks I’ll be writing a short post about each playlist to give you a bit of background about the artists I’ve selected for each playlist and how I started listening to each genre.

It would be great to hear any recommendations of songs or artists I could include in these playlists, or suggestions for new playlists!







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