Bermuda Dunes, Silver Torches (Album Review)

It’s been a while now since I’ve discovered an artist and been instantly hooked. I tend to find these days that my excitement for artists ends after listening to one song…maybe two. With Silver Torches though, I knew from the first time listening through their songs that they were exactly the kind of band I needed to find. Every song was clicking and I wanted to listen again and again and again.

I was introduced to Silver Torches through one of my favourite singer-songwriters, Noah Gundersen, who I had recently seen deliver a fantastic performance at Union Chapel in London. Noah shared Golden Days, the first single from Bermuda Dunes, on Instagram, and while it usually takes me at least a few listens to really form an opinion of a song, with Golden Days I knew I loved it after the first chorus. 

bermuda beaches
Bermuda Dunes is the band’s third album

Bermuda Dunes was released on March 20th and is the third album from the Seattle-based band led by Erik Walters. At only eight songs long I was a bit disappointed by the short tracklist, but that disappointment was only down to greed. In actual fact, eight songs works perfectly for Bermuda Dunes and there isn’t a filler to be heard. The album opens with the title track, which to my surprise was very different to the three songs released before the album. Bermuda Dunes is a slow, almost Jazz-inspired opener which eases the listener into the album before the upbeat, catchy Golden Days, Love Someone and My Own Road. These three songs are hands down my favourites from the album, followed closely by the next song Last Goodbye.

The overall feel of Bermuda Dunes is simple but effective. Nothing unnecessary or overly-complicated, just familiar chord progressions, beautiful hooks and solos, satisfying harmonies, steady drum beats and heartfelt lyrics. And it works so well. As does Erik’s voice, which sounds like it was made for this genre – a nice blend of Americana, indie, rock and pop. For me, the simple, bright and positive artwork – a palm tree in front of a bright blue sky with a white border – compliments the music perfectly too.

Silver Torches are fronted by Erik Walters

This album would be stunning to hear live, and I was saddened to see that the album launch was postponed due to the outbreak of Covid-19 evolving at quite a rapid pace in the weeks leading up to the launch. I hope that at some point in the near future Erik is able to bring Bermuda Dunes to life on stage and perhaps Silver Torches can even make their way over to the UK for a show. For the time being though, I am more than happy to have Bermuda Dunes on repeat at home.

You can buy and listen to Bermuda Dunes on Bandcamp here:

Rating: 8.5/10

Top Tracks: Love Someone, Golden Days, My Own Road

Release Date: March 20th, 2020


  1.  Bermuda Dunes
  2. Golden Days
  3. Love Someone
  4. My Own Road
  5. Last Goodbye
  6. Maybe I’m Just Dreaming
  7. Sad Songs In Quiet Bars
  8. What’s The Point In Leaving

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